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ACRP Alliance Concrete Remediation and Protection

We possess the certifications, skills, technical knowledge and equipment to work in high risk, confined spaces and elevated work areas. ACRP is a leading service provider in the industry of providing Industrial and Commercial:

conc repair

Concrete Repair & Protection

Concrete repair and protection is the major component of the ACRP business, as we have addressed the vaious concrete deterioration ..


traction engineered flooring block

Seamless and Traction Engineered Epoxy Flooring

With the health and safety regulations that surround almost every industry today ..



Waterstop / Leak Sealing

Reinstatement of water tight integrity to prevent water engress from containment structures or water ingress into structures is ..


epoxy injection

Structural Epoxy Injection

Reinstatement of Structural integrity to prevent spalling from concrete structures or delamination within these ..



Protective Coatings to Timber Surfaces

ACRP specialises in a wide range of applications to timber surfaces ranging from polyurethane coatings through to epoxy base products to suit our client’s requirements


joint sealing

Polyurethane Joint Sealing

Joint sealants are applied to seal joints and openings between two or more substrates. Their purpose is to prevent air, water ..


precision grouting

Precision Grouting

Precision Grouting is another area in which ACRP specialises in; where precise grouting levels are needed for placement of turbine ..


Ground Stabilisation

Ground Stabilisation

Ground Stabilisation and Consolidation techniques include the use of controllable and environmentally friendly resins that pass ..


rear guard

Rear Guard Installation

PVC Rear-Guard is installed into Concrete structures where extra waterproofing is required to reduce the risk of water ..


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Several years of experience and expertise in business management combined with a strong technical support network based in Australia and overseas, enabels ACRP to provide its wide range of specialist services.


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